Irrigation Solutions


Our Mission

At Hi-Tech Irrigation, Inc. we help our customers apply water and nutrients to enhance the quality and increase the yield of their plants. Whether it’s vegetables, vineyards, orchards or field crops...


Why Do Business With Us

Any solutions we provide are only as good as the data we generate. By utilizing state-of-the art GPS mapping technology, we are able to quickly and accurately define field shape, size, elevation...



By representing all of the leading manufacturers of irrigation products, we are able to provide the technology each company has to offer. All top companies are continually improving existing products...


About Hi-Tech Irrigation

Generating design data is only the first step in the Hi-Tech program. Any irrigation system is a combination of pumps, piping, filters, flow meters, valves, emitters, sprinklers, wheels, gears, fittings, and controllers – just to name a few. Making sure all the components fit together properly and work in conjunction is both art and science.
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